Alaskan Wildlife

Take a trip to the salmon stream where tens of thousands of salmon pass by our home each summer.  There is a beautiful waterfall and you can watch the local Alaskans dip net the fish out of the stream for their subsistence. Alaskans only, what a great thing to see.

There is a seal herd that you can see from the house that numbers up to over 100 during July and August, directly proportional to the amount of salmon in the bay.  These are sockeye and unfortunately do not bite the hook.  During this time we can view salmon fisherman catching them with nets.  It’s not uncommon to see black bears along the way. Take a beach walk where you would see very few people, if any, which is exposed to over 70 miles of open water and the Augustine volcano.  A good place to have lunch, light a fire and relax on the black sand beaches, all volcanic.  Occasionally dolly varden trout can be caught and cooked on a beach fire.

You can also tour the many bays and inlets and see how people live in the state park wilderness areas. 

In the fall months, winter king salmon are in the waters in front of the house.  Often we see charter boats trolling right in front.  These fish are 10 to 25 pounds.  Chrome in color and highest in omega-3. 

An eagles nest is easily viewed on our neighbors property.