Tide Pooling

Tide pooling in our bay can be extraordinary as the whole bay empties to about 5 feet deep. With lots of tidal pools that you can see anemones, star fish and an assortment of marine life. If you’re lucky you may see an octopus. The center for coastal studies is within a mile walk where experts can take you on a half day tour. The best of this is on the lowest tides of each month, which fluctuate with the moon phase. Extreme tides are 28 feet and average tides are 16 feet from highs to lows. Our skipper can show you most of this but it is best to go with the marine biologists. Clam digging and blue mussels are a delight to have for dinner and can be found in our front yard, and in many spots around the bay. 

“The most memorable part of our trip (other than the views) was when we were clamming right below the property. We collected nearly one hundred clams and mussels during low tide. We cleaned them up and ate them for dinner. It was the most delicious meal during our entire ten day stay in Alaska. We highly recommend staying here, you will not be disappointed. The owners, Pat and Barb will be our friends for life and we can’t wait to revisit.  A very memorable trip. Thanks Pat and Barb!”

–Linnea O.