A Birder’s Paradise

Take a tour in the boat around Gull island, a famous bird sanctuary with 17 different species nesting, with cliffs over a 100 feet high.  A photographer’s dream. Eagles, sea otters, and puffins are common. Often you can be within 10 feet of a nest. Wear a hat, birds poop! There are thousands. Not to mention, an eagles nest is easily viewed on our neighbors property. 

Want to shake hands with an octopus or catch a salmon from the dock? Want to have  bald eagle aerobatic display overhead as you sip your Chardonnay? With the living room spotting scope, spy on about l00 seals basking on the nearby sandbar. People come from around the world just to experience the tides that go up and down 20 vertical feet in 6 hours. Trust me, this will be a lifetime experience for you and your family /friends.

–Michael M.